Community letter / January 2021

Greetings Friends, In Yoga, as in life, change is a constant and very natural part of the process. We are always making transitions, whether from pose to pose or place to place, even from relationship to relationship. This is part of our evolution as human beings and it reminds us of the value of non-attachment to form. Today we share with you that we are making a shift in our Yoga affiliation and joyfully invite you on this inspired journey. You have known us and our studios as “It’s Yoga” for as long as we have been established. We deeply love and appreciate the teachings of Larry Schultz and the practice of The Rocket, both of which we will continue to offer. However, given changes in alignment, the European It’s Yoga affiliates and trainers (Brighton, Egadi-Favignana, Florence, Fuerteventura, Helsinki, Tallinn, Zürich) have answered an Inner call to a new path forward, one that is fully aligned for us both personally and professionally. As such, we are no longer affiliated with It’s Yoga International. “Inbodhi - A Yoga Circle” is being born.

This name has been consciously chosen to represent enlightenment, peace, our innate connectedness with nature, and the sacred Union experienced in the practice of Yoga. The Circle is one of trust, equanimity, transformation, and spiritual freedom. We ‘Inbodhi’ a collective community where all are welcome, neutrality and equality reigns, and Yoga is supreme. The vision of Inbodhi is to be true to our tradition of sharing the Love of the practice. We are in the process of co-creating new 200 (RYT 200), and 300 hours (RYT 500), Yoga Alliance registered trainings. We are bringing the best of ourselves and our experience to this development, and we envision these to be next-level offerings. For you, this shift will enhance your Yoga experience and education and we will continue to operate without interruption. We will share updates as our transition continues. For now, you can continue to find us on our current websites and social media pages. New online locations will be live in the coming weeks and announced as soon as they are ready. Welcome to Inbodhi - we are delighted to experience Yoga with you. Namaste, Michèle Barocchi - Florence, Italy Mara Guadagni - Favignana, Sicily, Italy Marilyn Jurman - Tallinn, Estonia Jari Kauppi - Helsinki, Finland Salla “Vedder” Kärkkäinen - Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain Dana Mueller - Zurich, Switzerland Lena Younes - Brighton, UK