Anahata - Chakra Series 4/7

Welcome to the Blog series for Chakras!

In this series we go through the Chakras (The Energetic Wheels) from "Ground to Up"

Anahata - The Forth Chakra

One of its mantras: I forgive and free myself of all my feelings of guilt and pain Heart chakra: Anahata meaning unstruck or untouched Location: Heart centre, front and back Vibration/resonance: YAM Colour: Green Element: Air Sense: Tactile or touch

Anahata Chakra is the bridge between the three inferior chakras (relating to more earthly matters) and the three superior chakras (more to do with spiritual themes).

Its element is the first element invisible to the naked eye, it can only be felt, or seen in the movement it creates in nature within and around us.

Located at the heart centre Anahata Chakra is the domain of love, for oneself and others, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, healing from past experiences and, through these qualities, peace and freedom. When open and balanced, Anahata generates a deep sense of connection to all things without discrimination as well as lightness of being, relief and joy.

The physical parts of the body affected by this chakra are the heart and lungs and their extensions, chest, arms and hands

Yoga poses: Any backbending pose such as Ustrasana (camel pose) or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge pose), Hanumasana (frontal splits) and also Pranayama practices

Some essential oils to stimulate this chakra: bergamot, jasmine, lavender, rosemary, lilac, rose...

Vayu(aire) mudra: bring the tip of the index finder towards the base of the thumb and fold the thumb onto the last articulation of the index finger, applying a slight pressure.

It's Yoga "Living in A Question"

Am I loving towards myself, towards others? Have I forgiven someone or am I in a process of forgiveness with someone? Is someone forgiving me? What kind of daily acts I could do to nurture myself? When do I feel lightness and what brings me joy?

"We learn to love ourselves so that we can love others more" - Larry Schultz

It's so true... ONLY LOVE IS REAL - and we are looking forward to hear from you and to meet you!

Welcome to It's Yoga, Namaste

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