Swadhisthana - Chakra series 2/7

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In this series we go through the Chakras (The Energetic Wheels) from "Ground to Up"

Swadhisthana - The Second Chakra

One of its mantras: I let myself be carried through life freely without resistance Second chakra: The dwelling place of the Self, Swa meaning one's own and adhisthana meaning abode or seat Location: Lower abdomen / below navel Vibration/resonance: VAM Colour: Orange Element: Water Sense: Gustatory/Taste

Swadhisthana is where all creative impulses, desires and dreams are formed.

It is very much connected to the energy of the moon and to its influence on (Swadhisthana's element) the sea, rivers and any bodies of water (including our own, we are made up of 50 to 75% of water depending on our age range). When this chakra is open, we are sensitive to our desires, have healthy dreams, plans and boundaries.

Our ability to accept change, be flexible and go with the flow is also at the level of this chakra.

Swadhisthana is also related to life's pleasures and our ability to enjoy them, being playful and having fun.

On a physical level it relates to the circulatory system (blood, lymph and bladder function) and the reproductive organs.

Yoga poses: Baddha Konasana (bound-angle pose), Padmasana (lotus pose), Matsyasana (fish pose), Malasana (Squat or garland pose)

Some essential oils to stimulate Swadhisthana: jasmine, patchouli, geranium, lavender, sage, rosewood, frankincense...

Varuna (water) mudra: join the thumb (Agni Fire) and the little baby finger (Jai Water element) together.

It's Yoga "Living in A Question"

Am I in touch with my feelings? Do I share my thoughts & feelings with others?

What do I feel _in this moment?

What do I want to create / co-create?

Do I feel passioned about my job, about my relationships, about my life in general?

"Turn Your Ambition into Intention" - Larry Schultz

Let us know what came up from this! See you at It's Yoga - Namasté

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