Why we practice Yoga? 1/3 "The body"

Of course we love to flip ourselves upside down, touch our toes or create knots with our body. It feels liberating and it's fun! But yoga is about so much more than that, both on a physical as well as a psychological and on a spiritual level.

We all know that moving the body is healthy.

Yoga increases the blood flow through the body. The key component is to move with the breath. Each movement is connected to a breath direction, creating a meditative flow that soothes the body and relaxes the mind. This allows us to tune inwards and connect to ourselves as we move through the physical postures – asanas.

Moving the body in all directions allows us to release granthis – or blockages – that may be found along the way of life – be they mental, emotional or physical. Let's take a look now how yoga can benefit our physical home, our body.

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"Eastern Science for Western people" - It's Yoga & The Rocket®

Our Western spines are used to sitting: in front of the computer, in the car or train, at the coffee table, on the sofa... In our day-to- day lives, we will find ourselves sitting with the hips in 90° angle most of the time. Yoga shifts the movement patterns we might have created. Yoga invites us to move our spine in all directions as we fold forward, bend backwards, twist and go from side to side in body stretches. Main muscles groups that are located around the spine are the back and chest muscles, and the abdominals. These muscle groups support us up-right, keep our head over our chest and create strength and protection to our vital organs. By activating and strengthening muscles in the abdomen and back, we can relief the discomforts in our vertebrae areas.

"For one who comes in, not knowing - In the end starts to know why it's important to have this in your life." - Larry Schultz

Yoga is beneficial because it strengthens and lengthens muscles at the same time – where one pose requires the back muscles to work, as is the case in backbends, for example, other postures allow those same muscles to open, like the back muscles do in forward folds. As we stretch certain muscles, we allow those target muscles to relax, which increases freedom and a feeling of relief. Some muscles might be activated habitually, may we notice this or not. Often these muscle groups are close to our the emotional centers in our body; the neck and shoulder area, as well as our "memory banks"; lower back and hips. Some of the muscular activation can result from our daily activities that require us to maintain the body in a fixed position for long periods of time, such as working in a same position, for example an 8 hours office day. It can also result from certain exercises that require us to use the same group of muscles always with repetition, while disregarding others: as in maintaining the paddle position in surf and / or other water sports.

Very often the big muscles groups, hamstrings or hip muscles, can reflect feelings in the lower back, as the lower back compensates. Therefore, it is important to see the body as a whole as we aim for balance in softness, strength and flexibility.

In It's Yoga one can practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga safe & effectively, since 1989

The Rocket® is designed to move through all the major joints of the body, bringing awareness, grace, ease and release from all areas. At the same time, the three Rocket® routines incorporate poses that require the body to stretch and flex into all different directions: Rocket® I focusing on standing balances and forward folds, Rocket® II concentrating on arm balances and backbends, and Rocket® III putting it alltogether. The Rocket® is about balancing all there is, just the way it is for body, mind and spirit – that is why we lift and land each class. One of the reasons we recommend a 6-days- a-week practice at It’s Yoga is simple: we invite our bodies and minds to dwell with the benefits consistently and committedly. What we say is that all the poses are equal and all the benefits are in modifications. And that you can come to yoga and bite your finger nails, if that is your inner guidance to practice that day. We are here to support your way, with peaceful two-fingers adjustments - and always one breath at the time. It's (about) Yoga!

Come and join our classes in Corralejo & Feel the benefits already today!

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For more in-depth reading, visit: https://www.spine-health.com/wellness/yoga-pilates-tai-chi/how-yoga-helps-back

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