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Starting a yoga practice or paddling to surf for the first times, can feel like communicating with a foreign language. "Hola! Qué tal? Son estas manos y mis pies la mía? The movement of the body, the focus, and the flow might feel unfamiliar for us first (and that is totally ok). With the constantly coming back to this state of moving through, we start to communicate, not only with ourselves but with nature too. Just like learning a foreign language? Vamos a ver!

SURF & YOGA "Same same, but different" - INSIGHTS of the similarities - - It is a LIFESTYLE - We are surfers. We are yogis. It is part of who we are. It is our daily connection to ourselves. We might feel we need it; an essential taste of our life and in a way, constantly with us. It shapes our thoughts and actions and it might well be our daily medicine and a natural way to connect with others. We might miss it if it's not available for some time - and welcome and fully embrace it when it returns. Through it we read, understand and heal our bodies, minds and emotions. Once it's in us, it stays. - Surf and Yoga - UNION with movement - There are days when we wake up early just to witness the first blink of the rising sun. We watch the ocean with a loving connection. We see the wave, the movement of the water and as yogis, we connect to the vibrations of The Ancient Opening Mantra "The Invocation to Patanjali". Mantra describes (among many things) how the waves could actually be The Breath of the Planet... /// Let's tune into this more later in a IYFV blog.

As we study, experience and understand the cycles of the ocean, we discover the cycles of our lives. Through the constant moving breath, we are just like that Ocean. We find out about beneficial timings, we create foundations. When our hands and feet are set in their places, the body will follow us. The constancy of the practice gives us acceptance, humor, and wisdom. We take the air in, and the space finds an instant home in our lungs. We unite with the element as it sits still with us. It calms us down, leaving us to feel alive. - UNION - within Our Nature - While surfers are moving their body to paddle behind the waves to catch one, Yogis are using their bodies to catch the constant flow of the breath. Within the practice, we learn to observe the outside movements (like body strength or flexibility) and focus on to the internal movements. We feel united and centered. We wake up our intentions. When we "wipe out", we get back up. We know it's part of the glory, we know it's part of being human. We stay on the central line, we learn about balancing. With the breath, we soften and stretch our limitations and dive deep under the huge walls. We learn to surrender and we learn to step into our strength - and as we find ourselves being comfortable There with the steady and calm breath - We are empowered by ourselves. It changes our chemistry and nurtures our nervous systems. We embrace the surroundings and value our energy. We start to notice how it varies daily. We know when it's time to keep on paddling and when it's time to chill out in a lineup or rest in a Child pose. We listen to our gut feelings and trust our intuition. We tune into the nature of the breath, the body & the mind. - BOARDS & MATS - The thing we carry around - We carry around our boards & mats with love and care. They have a special place in our homes. We know that it's more than 'just a board' or 'just a mat'. It is a statement for A FREEDOM & feeling-good, a healthy choice for a mental, a physical and an emotional relaxation. It's our safety net and favorite thing. (It even might have a name.) We have a deep connection to it and we hardly ever share it to a friend. It belongs to us just as we belong to the feeling it brings to us. It's our sacred connection, a re-minder, and a lifetime companion. We value the time with it. - IT IS YOGA, FUERTEVENTURA - And this is when we get here - visiting, spending times of our lives in Fuerteventura "The European Hawaii" - Surfers & Yogis paradise with ocean all around. You can catch a wave at morning and visit our studio in the evening. The doors are open and everybody is invited. We come to practice together, to share the movement on the mat and our stories off the mat. It's actually very simple: we come to connect and create the feeling of community. We come to HEAL and to just be - the way we are. We come to "Relax and breathe - and go with the flow & Ride the Wave of Vinyasa" like Larry, the founder of It's Yoga said. He created The Rocket philosophy as a metaphor for LIFE. As we become familiar with it, it keeps on evolving in our lives. We welcome YOU to It's Yoga studio! Find your way daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and know this:

- You are part of who we are & We are all in this together - "I didn't do It's Yoga, It's Yoga did me" - We think that Yogaman Larry would have loved this island. Love & Namasté

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See you in Canary Islands, Spain!

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"Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore." // Wikipedia: Surfing

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