Tips for balancing

Every once in awhile, we realize, that IT’S TIME to take better care of ourselves; to eat healthier, to sleep and to relax. We come back to our daily exercises that keep the body open and released. We take time for our family & friends. We pay attention to nature around, seize the moments of light & sunsets. By noticing the colors of the sky and sea, we feel the moves of the wind on our skin and the water under the surfboard. It is inside of us, that feeling of ...liberty, freedom & a good ride within!

Equal Standing, Samasthiti, Balance

It can feel like that classy wave that comes on your way, the feeling of pure happiness to be able to be there when it actually happens.

A Yoga class can be something we don’t really notice to miss in our lives until we step into our first classes and feel the benefits after. That feeling of Peace & wellbeing is hooking. We all have it, we all experience it and it feels like a very natural place to visit. Very often this feeling after reminds us to come back. Daily return to A Union (Sanskrit: Yoga) and the feeling of being united and at peace within ourselves.

In It’s Yoga FV you can practice at your own level. All classes are for all levels - we keep on saying this to people because people want to know. "It's my first time in yoga, I'm a beginner, can I come?" The answer is always yes! Happy to share the practice with you. Maybe modern society wants to set levels to measure achievement and progress. What if there is no progress in yoga? What if the progress is just that (sometimes) quite a long way to the class? Having an opportunity to unroll the yoga mat and to meet the Self can be very healing. “You made it, you are here.” That’s what we say. And it's all done already in that moment.

WE ARE OUR BREATH The Rocket® is designed to wake the feeling body - to wake the awareness of what is - just the way it is. This practice can change our whole being. All we have to do is take that first step and keep on walking. The Father of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Sri k. Pattabhi Jois said “Do your practice & All is coming”

What that ALL is for you?


Tips for a balance: 1. Figure out what works and bring your focus (only) to that. If it works to eat healthy and have a good sleep - Go for it! If it works to see positivity and lightness - Choose that, daily - and see how that shapes your thoughts & actions 2. "Be" comes first "We are human beings, not human doings," they say. Let's be first. What do you want to be? Balanced, relaxed, open. Aware, soft. Write them down and re-direct yourself. 3. Constancy is the key When something is constant, it teaches us about trust. It keeps on coming to our life. Let's allow the balance to happen daily and remind ourselves to come back to it whenever we feel the need of harmony. When we realize that unbalance can sometimes mean just balancing - we balance our whole being - at all times. Namasté - See you on the mat! Fly through

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See you on the mat! Fly through