RYT 200 Hours

Training Info:

Ryt 200 Hours Teacher Training / Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga / Certified by Yoga Alliance


This (Inner) Teacher Training will guide you through a comprehensive understanding, laying the framework for the Primary Series and The Rocket.

Our purpose and intention is to provide and hold a supportive environment in which each students begin to connect with their own inner teacher, within their internal wisdom and authentic voice. We want to support your journey as it develops, deepens, appreciates and expands with the truthfulness within you.

NOVEMBER: 31st of October - 21st November, 2021 // Write us

Larry Schultz created It's Yoga method over 30 years ago.  This program has been certifying lovers of yoga ever since from all around the world. The training supports students in deepening their understanding and relationship to the practice by studying the basic ingredients: Breath, Bandhas and Drishti. With revolutionary methods to make the practice accessible and appropriate, our approach is modern, therapeutic, challenging, supportive and steeped in tradition.

INBODHI Yoga Alliance Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training program is a practical training designed to make you a confident and effective Ashtanga Yoga Instructor – for all levels of students.

Through Pranayama, asana practice, mind-body journaling, group conversation, reading and guided meditation, basic study of philosophy, anatomic alignment, modifications of classical poses and individual instruction - This intimate training is sure to be a life enhancing experience.

Training is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation of knowledge and information with which you can confidently, safe and effectively practice and facilitate an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class.

We share our expertise about marketing, pricing, teaching group or private classes, and setting up your own yoga school.

We look forward practicing YOGA with you now - and in many days to come 

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