THE ROCKET 300 Hours 

Welcome to learn to ROCKET in Fuerteventura Canary Island!


Training Info:

THE ROCKET 300 Hours Training


These courses are registered by Yoga Alliance and are moving towards 300 Hours Certified Rocket Instructors Program.

This Program is designed to support current yoga instructors to learn the tools and techniques of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, through a modern, Western Perspective.

Our intensive Rocket Trainings are designed to share and breakdown the world famous Rocket Routines. They are physically awakening and mind soothing with enhanced drills, core routines and modifications to support students in deepening their experience with the advanced poses of the Ashtanga System.


The Rocket is designed to wake up the nervous system and feed the precious prana, life energy. The spirit of change and freedom is found within the practice. 


Vibrant routine is called: "The Rocket - because it gets you there faster” - Bob Weir, Grateful Dead

100Hr. Foundation / For RYT 200Hr. graduates  


Lays the framework essential to practice and teach The Rocket in an authentic and comprehensive way. Become familiar with the It's Yoga System of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and The Rocket routines in an immersive and effective environment.

Looking at the main ingredients of a consciously inspired practice, and learning how to teach classes that take students to the next level in their own practice. This Training is purposefully presented to ensure facilitators of yoga are continuing to learn and integrate proven tools into their on the mat and off the mat practice.

200 Hr. certification required


Next 100Hr. Rocket Training in Fuerteventura:

SEPTEMBER 17th - 26th, 2021 / Email for more info!

150Hr. The Rocket & Yin   

Prerequisites: Inbodhi or It’s Yoga 200 Hours / IYI 301 

Learning the world-renowned Rocket Routines from the inside out, our Trainers are ready to take you to heights unforeseen. Registered with the Yoga Alliance.

The course is a 15 days intensive. 150 hours course includes home work assignments.

Next Training in Fuerteventura:

SEPTEMBER 22nd - OCTOBER 8th, 2021 /

Contact Salla for more info!


3 - Days Immersion - Open for ALL

We created this event to invite past, present and future practitioners into the circle to experience the BLISS of being surrounded, supported, and inspired as we break down the routines, tools, and techniques that will be transformational, on, and off the mat!

 3 - DAYS The Rocket Immersions: 

SEPTEMBER IN FUE: 17th-19th, 2021

Contact, let's plan it for you!



Lizzy Van Baaren,

100Hr. Rocket 

100Hr. Rocket training in Fuerteventura was empowering, loving, supporting, safe and mind-blowing. 


I totally fell in love with The Rocket and this studio!

Dana Müller,

100Hr. Rocket

I can only recommend to visit this magical island. Thank you for awakening me! I found the beginning of a journey that has changed now I see my-self and how I see the world and the life I want to live. In only 10 Days!

Kiriko Kawakami, 

100Hr. Rocket

5 words that describe this training:  

- Wonderful, amazing

- Opening my eyes to inward deep within

- A great time for Self discovery

- Solid, really solid foundation

- Fun! Facilitators are so good!

Melanie Parkyn,

100Hr. Rocket

"The Rocket training will take your Yoga practice to the next level! The Rocket will inspire, teach and strengthen Your Inner Teacher and outer being. Your facilitators Salla will support unconditionally  your physical and spiritual journey. Thank you for the opportunity!